A Revolutionary Way to Invest

CryptoLion is a crypto index fund dedicated to delivering a low cost and healthy investment experience to the world. No third parties, no brokers, no hidden entry or exit fees, just our customers and us, with transparency guaranteed by block chain technology.

About Cryptolion index

Credibility based on the Top 30 Coins

Our index fund is based on the top 30 coins by market capitalization, which make up around 80% of cryptocurrency’s capital. The result is a reliable, accurate, and credible index.

Our Formula

The market cap, trading volume and volatility of each of the 30 coins are entered in the following formula to calculate our index value. This equation can also be found in our whitepaper.

CL30 Index




Harvey Lau

Founder & Chairman, CL30

  • Cryptocurrency connoisseur
  • Blockchain enthusiast
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Self taught financial trader
  • 3 years experience in FX / commodity trading
  • 6 years experience in penny stock trading




Don Shum

Financial Director,CL30

"Cryptolion index’s strength is controlling systematic risk for customer, allowing maximum efficiency in return per investment"




Albert Liu

IT Director, CL30

  • Cryptocurrency investor
  • Professional coder
  • Blockchain enthusiast
  • Server management expert
  • 2 years experience as IT assist in financial field



Q & A

1. Where does your invested cryptocurrency go?
Through your initial BTC or ETH payment, we will purchase 30 cryptocurrencies in the set ratio fixed by our index. These 30 coins will be stored in different virtual wallets for maximum security, and in exchange you will hold our token (Lion Coin) equivalent to the amount invested.
Our Lion Coin is directly pegged to the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the market as of date, which account for above 80% of the entire market.
A rebalance will be done regularly in order to make sure the portfolio still has the best ratio between risk and profitability. This makes Lion Coin an extremely reliable investment with infinitely small chances of turning into default.
The initial investment can only be by cryptocurrency (BTC and/or ETH).
Our management fee is 1% annually, which will be deducted from the 30 cryptocurrencies you will hold.
No, everyone can invest at their own pace.
We are dedicated to provide the most transparent asset management services, therefore we will be showcasing all our operation wallet to public, so you can have access to our address and look at the flow of our managed asset. Blockchain won’t lie.
Please go to our withdraw page and follow the guidelines
No we are not, it is currently not required to have license to provide crypto related asset management, however we are fully ready to obtain one when regulation comes.

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